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The Meadows at Yaphank - The Environment

Understanding that responsible planning on Long Island requires a delicate balance of environmental preservation and economic development, The Meadows at Yaphank was designed and will be constructed with the environment in mind. Located within the Compatible Growth Area of the Central Pine Barrens, The Meadows will comply with the more restrictive guidelines of the Pine Barrens Act.

The proposed project would change the zoning of 322.37 acres from L 1 Industrial and J 2 Business to Planned Development District (PDD) for the development of a mixed-use community that includes retail, office space, office/flex space, and residential units. The project has received a State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR) Positive Declaration from the Brookhaven Town Board. As such a Draft Generic Environmental Impact Statement (DGEIS) was submitted to assess all potential environmental issues, and comply with all SEQR regulations. The Brookhaven Town Board will serve as Lead Agency during the review process. In addition, the site is located within the Compatible Growth Area of the Central Pine Barrens and as a project of regional significance will be required to fully comply with the standards and guidelines of the Pine Barrens Act.

The DGEIS evaluates the following potential environmental impacts:
  • Land Use and Zoning
  • Dorade Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Cultural Resources
  • Socioeconomic Conditions
  • Ecological Resources
  • Solid Waste
  • Community Character
  • Wetlands and Waterways
  • Air Quality
  • Transportation
  • Visual Resources
  • Economic Impacts
  • Water Resources
  • Energy
  • Cumulative Impacts
  • The full DGEIS is available for public viewing, by clicking on the link located in the left margin of this page

    Although the DGEIS recommends mitigation measures to address potential impacts that have been identified during the review process, throughout the design phase steps have been taken to ensure that The Meadows at Yaphank are sensitive to the environment and are fully compliant with environmental regulations. Critical elements of the design include retention of natural open space, innovative groundwater protection features, improved wastewater treatment, and energy efficient design.

    On May 10, 2011 a public hearing was held to consider the DGEIS. At that heariing the lead agency and those in attendance received a full presentation on the development proposal detailing the potential environmental impacts that were evaluated. The hearing also provided any interested parties with an opportunity to comment on the DGEIS document, as well as the development proposal. At the conclusion of the hearing the lead agency held the written public and involved agency comment period open through June 25, 2011.

    As required by SEQRA, a Final Generic Environmental Impact Statement (FGEIS) has been prepared to address all comments received at the hearing and during the written comment period. A full copy of the FGEIS is available for public viewing by clicking on the link located in the left margin of this page.The FGEIS can also be viewed at:
    - The Longwood Public Library
    - The Town of Brookhaven Town Clerk's Office
    - The Town of Brookhaven Division of Environmental Protection
    - The Town of Brookhaven website,

    As shown on the Master Plan, the majority of development for this project will occur on previously cleared and disturbed land, maximizing the amount of open space that will be preserved. At least 35 percent of the overall site will be retained as natural open space in compliance with the clearing limits set in the Central Pine Barrens Comprehensive Land Use Plan. The use of innovative recharge methods such as bio-retention basins, rain gardens, or constructed wetlands will be explored to enhance surface treatment and quality recharge. All construction on the site will utilize, where possible, energy efficient and water conserving measures. Wastewater treatment will be handled by an existing sewer treatment plant that will be upgraded to treat the existing flow, as well as the anticipated new flow that will be generated by the proposed Meadows at Yaphank. This provides a direct benefit of improving the quality of discharge of the 140,000 gpd that the plant currently processes.

    The Meadows at Yaphank was also designed to foster a greater awareness and appreciation of our environment. Bicycle lanes will be marked on all major boulevards throughout the project, and connections will be provided from the site to the future Greenbelt Trail. In fact, walking is central to the design of The Meadows. The entire project was designed without buffers between differing land uses encouraging walking and reducing reliance on the automobile for minor errands.

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