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  Commercial Component  
  Retail 327,500 sf
  Restaurant 5,000 sf
  Office/Industiral/Flex 550,000 sf
  Proposed Hotel 150,000 sf

Residential Component
  850 Units
  Rental Apartments  

The Meadows at Yaphank - Master Plan

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Meadows Commons Office Park Meadows Towne Center Meadows Village GreenClick to Enlarge
Meadows Village Green
The Meadows Village Green will become the focal point of the residential community, evoking the feel of traditional neighborhood parks of a bygone era. The Village Green will provide a safe place for children to play, a place for neighbors to meet, or just a place to sit and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.
Meadows Towne Center
Neighborhood retailers, restaurants, a supermarket and anchor stores will provide an attractive shopping environment, all conveniently located within walking distance of nearby residents and businesses. The Meadows at Yaphank was designed to encourage walking, convenience, and a sense of community.
Meadows Commons
Office Park
The Commons Office Park will be the Corporate anchor for the community, providing a stimulus for sustainable job growth in the region. Residents at The Meadows will benefit from the convenience of having neighborhood offices and services nearby. With a variety of quality housing options, fine shopping opportunities, and excellent access, The Meadows Commons Office Park will be an attractive location for businesses, large or small.

The Vision for the Meadows at Yaphank is one of Sustainability; a community that is planned today, but remains vibrant and active for generations to come.

Development trends across the nation and the world today are focused on creating vibrant places to Live, Work, & Play. Whether you coin the phrase “Smart Growth”, “New Urbanism”, or “Traditional Neighborhood Development”, creating great communities comes down to three pillars, Walkability…Connectivity…and Diversity. When we capture these elements within a community we build sustainability into the framework of our lives.

The Meadows at Yaphank is just that, with a mix of uses; residential, retail, office, hospitality, public parks, and open space. Each one of these uses helps to support the other and become an integral part of the greater community. The Office and Retail uses create much needed jobs for the region, and the Residential component provides purchasing power. Through diverse development and compact building designs, more open space is preserved and the community becomes a vibrant and successful place, combating the elements of “sprawl”.

In the past many municipalities practiced the art of up zoning to minimize the impacts of development. They also encouraged the use of large buffer areas to separate commercial and residential uses. These practices have not always achieved their intended results. By spreading out development and separating uses, they have become the largest contributors to sprawl. As a result, residents must endure longer commutes, fewer public transportation options, and frequent auto trips to do minor errands and shopping. At The Meadows, shopping, dining, entertainment, and employment are all nearby, giving you the freedom to venture out on foot for all of your necessities. Even the public spaces and parks are close by making it easy to get some exercise, relax, or just socialize with friends and neighbors.
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