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The Meadows at Yaphank - Traffic Improvements

In keeping with the principles of “Smart Growth” or “Traditional Neighborhood Development”, The Meadows at Yaphank encourages walkability by offering a mix of uses and providing connections between the residential and commercial areas. The proposed plan is projected to generate substantially less traffic than the uses currently permitted on the site.

A Trip Generation Assessment was prepared to compare the total trips that could be generated by existing zoning uses with the total trips projected from the proposed mixed use development. The report concluded that the proposed mixed use development is expected to generate 14% less trips during the weekday morning peak, 40% less trips during the weekday evening peak, and 41% less trips during the Saturday peak hour.

As part of the SEQR review process a complete Traffic Impact Study has been prepared for this project. The Traffic Impact Study includes an assessment of existing conditions, projections of future traffic volumes under build and no build scenarios, an analysis of traffic impacts, and recommendations for mitigating any project related traffic impacts. The Traffic Impact Study is included as part of the Draft Generic Environmental Impact Statement (DGEIS) and is available for public review on the environment section of this website. Updated traffic information can also be viewed in the FGEIS.

In addition to off-site traffic mitigation The Meadows at Yaphank intends on utilizing Travel Demand Management (TDM) strategies to reduce the project’s overall traffic impacts. TDM strategies are designed to reduce traffic volumes on the transportation infrastructure by maximizing the people-moving capabilities. Typical TDM strategies include increasing the number of persons in a vehicle, providing alternate modes of travel, and influencing the time of travel to avoid peak hours.

As TDM strategies are typically more effective with commuter type traffic The Meadows at Yaphank will be working with Suffolk County Transit to establish bus service to the site and will be exploring the feasibility of implementing a private shuttle bus service to transport residents and employees to local train stations.

The Traditional Neighborhood design of The Meadows encourages walking and bicycling. Through its compact design features and connections between the uses, residents and employees can shop or run personal errands without moving the car. By the very nature of this mixed use development, significant on-site services are all within close distance, reducing dependence on the automobile.

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