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The Boulevard


Welcome to a new type of community on Long Island; one where living, shopping, dining, and employment are all nearby.

Welcome to The Boulevard!

Master Plan

master plan

The vision for The Boulevard is one of Sustainability; a community that is planned today, but remains vibrant and active for generations to come, and creates exciting places to Live, Work, and Play.

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Living on The Boulevard

The residential component of The Boulevard will contain a variety of housing options for all age groups. Whether you’re looking to rent or buy, you’ll find it on The Boulevard.  Each luxury living community will boast an array of fine amenities such as pools, tennis courts, outdoor fireplaces, grilling stations, full sized fitness centers, and much more.  When you move into a home on The Boulevard you will soon realize that it is not just a place to live, but a lifestyle!

hospitality & commercial


Working on The Boulevard

The Commercial component of The Boulevard will contain a diverse array of business activity that will add convenience, job opportunities, and economic benefits to the community. Whether you’re looking for retail, restaurants, a hotel, senior care facilities, or employment, you’ll find it on The Boulevard.


Playing on The Boulevard


The Boulevard was designed to encourage outdoor activities such as walking, bicycling and sports.  While each one of our luxury living communities offer residents exclusive access to their pool, courts, and fitness centers, The Boulevard also provides recreational facilities that will be open to the general public.  Residents of the Town of Brookhaven will be able to enjoy beautiful turf athletic fields and a spacious Community Center at their new Town Park.

Living, working, or playing; at The Boulevard, you’ll find it all!



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